We find that some of our clients find an in-house dissemination presentation is useful to feed back to staff key messages and topical thoughts following our cold file reviews.
These tend to be our larger clients with more staff and RIs although this process can be valuable and effective and efficient for all firms.

Why do you need one

This will allow the effective feedback of issues raised in a cold file review. It might focus on consistency between offices and will enable participants to engage and discuss matters openly.


We encourage participation to enable your staff and RIs to benefit from discussing matters which are relevant to your firm.


It is also a manner to discuss issues relating to other clients we have not reviewed and enables firm-focused client-specific feedback and consideration, which we find is a cost-effective manner of specific training.

Our output

We provide a powerpoint presentation which can be sent to staff for their records.

Where ICAEW requires one as a condition of Registration

This can be required and we can help. Typically this might follow an external cold file review.

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