There are many different reasons you might want us to help you with our support for your strategic planning
Are you thinking of taking on a new partner and want to discuss valuation or funding?
Are you thinking of selling and are unclear on how to go about it?

We can hold your hand but do not act in the M&A market; we can help you find an adviser.

Are you thinking of taking on a block of fees or expanding into a new service area and want to bounce your queries off someone who is independent, experienced and has seen the common pitfalls?

Do you need mentoring for a principal in your firm?

Or do you need mentoring for someone you’ve earmarked for promotion to principal but who lacks experience in certain areas?

Our output

This is dependent on the service you require and may be entirely face-to-face or entirely presentational.

How we provide these services

This varies on your requirements. We can discuss matters remotely in some of the above situations. Or we might find it better to meet, either at your offices or a convenient middle location

Get in Touch

If you'd like to explore this service with us