We visit you or discuss the services you provide, the way you provide them, who does the work and your profitability, efficiency, cash-flow and general satisfaction with what you are doing.

Why do you need one

You might feel that you are not maximizing your profitability and efficiency.


You may be thinking of selling your practice and want to ‘tidy up’ things which a purchaser would regard as less satisfactory and which might hamper the deal.


You might just be interested how we might be able to help you further.

Our output

We produce a report which we will discuss with you.
It is tailored to your firm’s circumstances and your specific requirements.

We are happy to follow up on this in a set period (be it weeks or months) to see how you are getting on and (if you wish) revisit to discuss any difficulties and address any issues that have arisen.

How we provide these services

We can discuss your requirements and the detailed way you provide services.

Our work is tailored to your requirements, the service lines you operate and the profitability you believe you are achieving (or not) from these services.

We can discuss further the recommended efficiencies in order to improve your profitability and cash-flow. We never impact on your compliance by suggesting changes which will lead the Regulator to criticize your work as we believe that compliant services are important. But we will discuss whether you are trying to be overly compliant in an inefficient manner.

There are advantages to us visiting you to provide this service; but it can be undertaken remotely.

As we are in uncertain logistical times with coronavirus, we are happy to provide this remotely with our meeting ideally via zoom and our review of papers provided to us by you.

Our guarantee

We can guarantee that we can identify savings which will cover the cost in one year of the fee we will charge you.
Clearly the repetition of such savings will enable you to regard our time spent as an investment in the long-term.

Whilst we can guarantee our output will lead to the possibility of these savings, it remains up to you to apply them and benefit from them.

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