For accountants in practice, occasionally either the Institute, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, the FRC or a court raises a complaint (or court case).

Focusing on ICAEW/ACCA disciplinary or investigation committee hearings, it is likely that you will require an expert report on the issue, focusing on your compliance with the relevant Ethical and/or Auditing Standards requirements.

We have helped clients with Disciplinary cases in the past and are able to do so.
Our reports are independent and objective and have helped our clients.

Our knowledge of the process is also valuable in what inevitably is a worrying time.

If the matter is a court case, the scope of the work you may require to be carried out will depend on the case and may be based on the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR).
We can be contacted on a direct-access basis. We can draft reports in a format that is acceptable to the Court.

Why do you need one?

With ICAEW/ACCA disciplinary cases, we strongly advise that you take advice from someone who is able to provide objective assistance and has experience of doing so.

Our output

We provide an expert report which is accepted by the relevant Disciplinary Committee or Court (as necessary).

How we provide these services

We can review your documents onsite or at our office.
We can identify issues in relation to the Heads of Complaint and also consider whether there is a need for internal training to prevent the repetition of the issue.

The provision of such training may be a positive issue in the eyes of the relevant Committee. If the matter is a Court case, we can undertake the necessary review of the papers presented to us.

Our charges

Contact us to discuss the fee.
For accountant clients, we are happy to act on our normal fee basis.

In the event that the matter is a direct-access court case, we normally wish to be paid fees on account in advance.

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