It is a review of your client bank accounts, trust status letter/s with the bank/s, reconciliations, and a review of a sample of client files where client money transactions have occurred and a review of your Client Money procedures notifying staff as to how Client Monies are to be handled.

Why do you need one?​

The Client Money Regulations require an annual compliance review of your procedures.

How we provide these services

We can review your documents onsite or at our office. We have the ability to review electronic files at our offices. So we can help you discharge your compliance requirements in these challenging times.

Our output

We produce a list of queries. We will discuss these with you.

We produce a report, with checklist, for your records.

Where ICAEW requires one following a QAD monitoring visit

This can happen as a result of a QAD monitoring visit where the Regulator requires confirmation that processes are improving as a result of their findings. We can help. We draft a report for you to submit to the Regulator. ICAEW is used to the format of our reports.

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